Online Classes

At Sew Victorian's online heirloom sewing school we offer two choices to take classes.  We have our scheduled classes, which means that the class will start at a scheduled time and proceed as at the students pace.  The other option is our on demand classes.  With this option you will receive the same great support from me as you would in one of my scheduled classes, but you have the wonderful opportunity to take the class on your schedule, no longer do you have to wait until it is on my schedule.  The choice is yours, you can learn in the best environment possible...yours!  You will learn at your pace because you can watch the videos as much as you want and rewind or fast forward me at your pleasure, plus you will have written instructions via the pdf.  Now you can even take classes when you want to take cool is that?

Welcome to Sew Victorian...we are here to make it easy for you to learn! We no love Niger offer kits or heirloom supplies. I will be happy to supply links to other heirloom stores when requested.