English Show Clothes

Sew Victorian offers custom saddleseat show clothing from daycoats to full suits.  We have two options for our show clothes, semi custom as well as fully custom.  All of our show clothes are our own patterns we do not use patterns from anywhere else.  The main difference between semi custom and custom is going to be fit.  A semi custom item we can take your main measurements of bust, waist, hips and sleeve length or jod length into consideration and work that into the pattern.  It will not affect shoulder width, cup size, front or back length etc that is already worked into the pattern and is a "standard" amount, so only certain things are customizable giving you a semi custom garment.  Our fully custom items means we create a pattern specifically to you with quite a few different body measurements to map out your body and every length and width as well as depth is drafted to what your body measures.  

Your suits and coats will be classically tailored which means we do not use modern fusible interfacing.  Which is less costly and much quicker to apply. We find it can and does "bubble" after wear or dry cleaning.  We use only silk organza, cotton batiste or muslin and hair canvas for our support pieces.

The starting prices listed on our web site is for 100% silk fabric for the day coats and for a suit which is a coat of 100% silk and a pair of high quality poly jods.  We offer domestic and imported wools of many qualities, wool blends, brocades, jacquards etc.  You also have a collar option on your coats in both semi custom and custom, either a shawl or a notched collar.  Please contact us for other fabric choices which do affect the finished product pricing.