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Riding Corset

Our riding corsets are made for the rider in mind.  As an ex Saddleseat rider of many years who showed every single weekend from May until October I understand the nuance that a show rider needs.  I have shown, western, hunt and saddleseat, with saddleseat being my favorite.  I have always ridden Arabs, Saddlebreds and NSH for the most part with a few quarter horses and paints tossed in for good measure.  


I take extreme pride in being able to provide a well made well fit corset for our show riders.  A riding corset is a complete different "beast" than our waist training and fashion corsets.  It is more about control rather than enhancement.  On trend for our western riders are very unforgiving show shirts that if you are not blessed to be lump and bump free when seated it shows and a lot.  Our corsets will smooth all that out and give your SMS or rail outfits a much better fit while also helping your posture.  In a riding corset that you have properly seasoned PRIOR to show season it will fit you like a glove.  It is nearly impossible to drop an inside shoulder in the corner or to round your back or slouch even a little.

In addition to smoothing out and enhancing the look of your show clothes it has the added benifit of a corset in the fact that it offers reduction.  I can build in any reduction you desire while I custom draft a pattern just for you.  It will highlight a thinner tighter waist and give the illusion of a smaller you.


All of our riding corsets come with a custom drafted pattern to your measurements ( 13 of them ).  I think make as many mock up as need to get the perfect fit and reduction.  I will ask you to sit in your show saddle to insure proper lenght of the final corset. A basic riding corset will include proper corset coutil fabric, german steel busks (the closure of the front) and steel bones, both sprial and flat steel.  Your grommets will all be two part grommets set by hand using a hand press.  The lacing in the back is with a super strong double sided satin ribbon.

You can then choose to customize your corset to your wishes by adding dupioni silk we carry over 200 colors.  Embroidery of which you have hundreds of thousands of designs to select from.  You may even wish to bling it out a bit in Swarovski crystals.


I am here to answer any questions you may have and will work to make the best possible riding corset I can for your body and your style of riding.

Standard (Was $550.00) Now $475.00
Black -- only in certain sizes (Was $550.00) Now $475.00
Antique (Was $560.00) Now $485.00
Gold (Was $575.00) Now $500.00
Crystal Studded -- only certain sizes (Was $550.00) Now $475.00
Embroidery Across 2 Adjoining Panels add $75.00
Embroidery Minimum Charge add $25.00
Swarovski Minimum Charge add $25.00
Lace at top or bottom bindings add $35.00
Lace at both bindings add $70.00
Hand stitched binding add $100.00
Binding to match silk color add $50.00
Extra in panel boning min. charge add $25.00
Hidden in panel boning channels -- must have a silk overlay as well. Minimum charge add $50.00
Coutil Lining Layer:75.00
Elastic Gore:50


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