#SVClaire Claire Waist Training Corset
Claire Waist Training Corset


Sew Victorian has added another made to order corset to our line.  This time the curvy 6 panel Claire.  The sizing is a little bit different than the Katheryn to help suit the needs of clients where the Katheryn does not fit.  The center front of this corset measures 11 1/2", the princess seam measures 10" and the center back has a lenght of 11 3/4".   As always our corsets are made from imported herringbone coutil in which you have a number of colors to choose from.  If you prefer, you can select from the spot broche, which is what the sample was made from.  Another option is the floral coutil as well.  We also offer over 200 different silks that can be used as a fahion layer to your corset to suit anyones fancy.  If you would like to see what is available, feel free to browse our handmade dupioni silk.

All of our corsets are also boned with both sprial and sprung steels from Germany.  Each seam is double boned.  If you would like to add additional boning in the panels of the corset for more control we can do that as well.  However, we generally only recomend this option when purchasings a 26" or larger corset.  Our busks are of German steel as well.  If would would like to go with a zip rather than a busk we can now also do that as well for you.  Both options have their own pros and cons and I'll be more than happy to help you make a decision that would suit your needs best.

All of our back panels will have hand marked grommets that are set with a hand press.  Our lacing is 1/2" wide double faced ribbon which is not only pretty but also sturdy and less bulky than other options.    We offer a vast array of customizable options to create the waist training or tight lacing corset of your dreams from fabric and silk choices to embroidery designs, swarovski crystals and lace overlays.  If you can dream it up we can make it for you.

The sizing options for the Claire Waist Training corset:  If you're new in figuring out what a sizing chart means.  Lets take the 28.5" corset size as an example.  This particular corset will close fully with the following measurements Underbust: 35" Waist 28." High Hip 41.5".  You must alsot take into account your "squish" factor, everyone has some squish even if you are very thin.  

Corset Waist Size Underbust Natural Waist High Hip
20.5" 31" 24"-28" 31.5"-33.5"
22.5" 33" 28"-30" 33.5"-35.5"
24.5" 33" 30"-32" 35.5"-38.5"
26.5" 35" 32"-34" 38.5"-41.5"
28.5" 35" 34"-36" 41.5"-46.5"
30.5" 35" 36"-38" 46.5"-50.5"
32.5" 37" 38"-40" 50.5"-54.5"
34.5" 37" 40"-42" 54.5"-57.5"
36.5" 39" 42"-44" 57.5"-60.5"
38.5" 39" 44"-48" 60.5"-62.5"
40.5" 41" 48"-50" 62.5"-64.5"


If you like this style of corset but the measurements are not quite yours we can do a semi custom where we alter one of the measurements either the underbust or the hips to fit your needs, if it is a verticle measurement that needs to be changed that is a custom corset.  Or we can do a full custom based on this style.  Please see the below options for pricing for either of these. 

Min Charge:25.00
Lace at both bindings add $35.00
Hand stitched top and bottom bindings add $50.00
Lace at either the top or the bottom add $30.00
Extra in panel boning min. charge add $25.00
Front Zip
Spoon Busk add $50.00


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