All you Need in 4D
All you Need in 4D

This 4D software classes is the ONE class  you need to learn your software.  We will cover the basics while exploring the more unique features of the software.  We will also cover basic computer information as well as setting up and embroidery organization system.  In this class you will learn the following features:

  • Setting up an embroidery design main folder on a specific location on your computer or external hard drive.
  • Setting up the sub folders so that you can keep your designs organized and easier for you to find.
  • copy your designs from a CD to the right folder on your computer, as well as creating a file folder if needed.
  • Purchasing a design on line
  • Download the purchased design from order site
  • download the purchased design via email
  • Load a purchase design into 4D organizer then from organizer into 4D embroidery
  • Load a design directly into 4D embroidery
  • Completing the most common design editing features such as changing thread colors and brands, re size your designs both without changing the stitch density as well as changing the density.
  • Create an encore design using a built in element from 4D
  • Create an encore design using and embroidery design
  • Create an endless hoop design
  • Stitching out the created design using your endless hoop to understand this great hoop better.
  • Combining designs to create a new embroidery design, also using the color sort to eliminate thread changes if possible.
  • Working with your letter tab
  • Using the lettering envelopes
  • Creating a custom font embroidery
  • Working with the lettering you have created or a preloaded style of lettering with an embroidery design.
  • How to save your created embroidery design on your computer and different organizational ideas.
  • How to print an embroidery design template
  • How to transfer embroidery designs from your computer and 4D onto your embroidery stick
  • Loading embroidery designs from your embroidery stick onto both a Viking Designer Diamond and Viking Designer SE
  • How to use the send feature of 4D
  • How to erase a saved embroidery design from your Designer Diamond or Designer SE


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