#BPC-DRE Fashion Silk Corset 3
Fashion Silk Corset 3

This silk fasion corset is a wonderful corset for the first time corset wearer.  It give you a lovely gentle curve to your waist line without really any reduction in your rib cage area or your hip area

This corset looks lovely plain for embellished as much as you can imagine.  Again, this is a fashion corset and not a corset suitable for waist training or tight lacing.  The pricing includes silk dupioni and a cotton lining.  There is standard single seam boning.

All of our corsets are bespoke and made to your measurements.  Our standard lead time is 4-6 weeks after we receive both your measurements and your payment.

The pricing on emellishement are the starting price,  Depending upon your desired result, your final cost may or may not be more.

I understand that a corset is a splurge for many people.  It is the only reason I have made the distance fitting an option.  Should you choose not to have a muslin made, YOUR CORSET MAY NOT FIT.  A measurement is just the total amount of inches around a particular part of your body.  It does not account that you are busty and narrow in the back.  Or that you have a bit of a tummy and not much toosh or the other way around.  A muslin fitting can take these items into acount and be adjust to fit you body.

To select your silk that you would like your corset made from, please go to our dupioni silk page and select the silk you like.  Click on that silk and select option Fashion Corset #3.  If you would like a strengh layer our a coutil lining in your corset, please go to our coutil page to select what coutil you would like used.   Also for any embellishment please contact me so we can work together.  If you are interested in our payment plan please see this page.

I strive for outstand customer service and communication.  I feel communication is what makes for a good working realationship between us.

  Purple and gold overbust corset with lots of embellishments

Standard $250.00
Black $260.00
Antique $260.00
Gold $265.00
Crystal Studded $295.00
(add $25.00)
(add $25.00)
(add $35.00)
(add $75.00)
(add $75.00)
(add $75.00)


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