About Sew Victorian

A little about Sew Victorian. We offer everything from made to order, custom, to fully bespoke items. We are a small shop and each of us enjoy working with one another. A little about me, Carilee, your corsetiere. I have quite a varied background. I have done everything from running jewelry stores to my own brick-and-mortar stores to teaching managers product knowledge, profitability, and how to successfully run their stores. I am also a Martha Pullen licensed Viking heirloom teacher.

In our small shop, you will find myself, my interns, and probably a few friends doing a custom patterns, making corsets and in general just enjoying being with one another. We are very conscientious about the type of fabrics that we use. All of her corset are only made out of Coutil, you will never find twill or other types of fabrics being used as your corset base. We offer over 200 different dupioni silks for any color under the rainbow, we also offer embroidery and embroidery manipulation from hundreds of thousands of designs. We also have an extremely extensive embroidery thread collection so we can pretty much create anything that you can dream up. If you'd like to add a little sparkle we can do that with genuine Swarovski crystals. We also offer a number of different lace options from all over lace appliqué to laces just in certain areas or heirloom style laces with beading at the time or the bottom. Feel free to contact us and we can create the corset of your dreams.